LJ Energy is a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) in Asia. We are headquartered in Singapore with operations in many Asian countries.

LJ Energy was founded by Dr Lal Jayamaha who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Energy Management. He has successfully completed many Energy Efficiency and Green Building Projects which have included Office Buildings, Retail Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Institution Buildings and Industrial Plants.

Dr Lal is also the author of the book “Energy-efficient building systems” published by McGraw-Hill in USA.

Main Services Offered

  • Energy Audits
  • ESD Consultancy
  • Consultancy for LEED, Green Mark and GBI
  • Energy Retrofits
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Consultancy for GREET projects
  • Certification for Accelerated Depreciation Scheme (ADS)
  • Energy Simulation
  • Training in Energy Management


Qualifications and Expertise of Team Members

  • Green Mark Professional
  • Green Mark Manager
  • GBI Facilitator
  • Certified Energy Manager (SCEM)
  • Key Qualified Person (KQP)
  • Qualified Energy Services Specialist (QuESS)
  • BCA Energy Auditor
  • Professional Engineer
  • Energy Modelling & Simulation

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