Brandix Katunayake

Brandix Katunayake

LJ Energy conducted detailed energy audits for the newly installed chiller systems at three Brandix Apparel Plants. The manufacturing facilities produce fine lingerie, sleepwear, knit tops and loungewear chiefly from a fabric base of fleece knits and micro-satin.

Main equipment studied in the energy audits include:

  • Chillers
  • Chilled water pumps
  • Condenser water pumps
  • Cooling towers

Summary of identified saving measures

  • Improvements to operating efficiency of chillers
  • Optimizing chilled water pumping systems
  • Reducing capacity of condenser water pumps
  • Optimizing operation of cooling towers

Summary of savings identified

  • Total energy savings : 250,000 kWh a year
  • Total cost savings : LKR 2,600,000 a year
  • Percentage savings : 5% of the annual energy cost
  • Simple pay-back period : Less than 2 years

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