World Trade Centre

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World Trade Center Colombo comprises of two 39 storey towers connected by a 4 storey retail block and has over 750,000 square feet of prime office and retail space. Air conditioning for the building is provided using a central chilled water system which mainly consists of chillers, pumps, cooling towers, piping, air handling units (AHUs) and fan coil units (FCUs).

Since the chillers were over 15 years old and nearing their useful life, LJ Energy was engaged to study the performance of the chiller system so that an action plan could be developed for phased replacement of the chiller system with the objective of optimizing the system efficiency.

Subsequently, the identified saving measures and recommendations were implemented which included replacing two chillers and associated pumps.

Savings Achieved:

  • Operating chiller system efficiency 0.65 kW/RT
  • Overall energy savings of 34%
  • Winner of 2013 Energy Efficiency Award


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